About Us

Gia Bao Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise specializing in the production and sale of household chemicals / hotels / air / cruise / travel products with over 30 years of experience. Since 1980 in Hong Kong Gia Bao headquarters since its establishment, has been implementing the "thoughtful service, excellent quality, reasonable price" business philosophy, and strive to grasp the potential needs of customers, production customers satisfied with the products.

    Gia Bao products are exported to major cities in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and the United States and other regions. Our partners are Shangri-La Hotels, Holiday Inns, Hilton Hotels, Wenhua Group Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Sheraton Hotels and other world-renowned enterprises. At the same time we establish an independent China and foreign sales network.

  Gia Bao constantly struggle and efforts to make the company continue to grow and develop scale. In Guangzhou have established a plastic, chemical, printing, sewing production plant, and the introduction of international advanced production equipment and Kingdee ERP management system to enhance the company's management and technical level. To achieve "based on a little more honest little more transparent and a little faster to improve a little faster," the quality policy, the company based on ISO9001: 2008 standards to establish a sound quality management system. From raw material procurement to product production management, we strictly follow the operating procedures. And in the procurement of raw materials, we carry out global procurement, the company used the main raw materials are to Malaysia, Germany, the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France and other world-renowned manufacturers import, the maximum guarantee of product quality.

  Gia Bao strongly advocated the implementation of green, Gia Bao first to introduce PET, PETG and paper packaging materials and other environmentally friendly materials, and actively recommend to our customers biodegradable environmentally friendly products.

   Gia Bao in order to more direct customer service, have been in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Poland and Chengdu to set up branch offices. In the next few years, the company plans to set up branches in major cities around the world, we will be more comprehensive and convenient to serve customers around the world.

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